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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we need a marketing or fund raising plan?

    It is crucial to develop and regularly review comprehensive marketing and fundraising plans.  The planning process is key to identifying and targeting results, so that performance can be monitored & measured.The strategic planning process will determine the range of activities most appropriate for your organization and assist in placing them on a time-line with benchmarks.  This provides a blue print for implementation/action plans and the short term steps that move your organization forward.
  • Will you work on a "commission" basis?

    We will not work on a commission basis.  It violates the general principles of the fundraising profession, as outlined in the Association of Fundraising Professionals' Code of Ethics.  Donors make contributions to support deserving causes, not to pay consultants or contractors!Earning a percentage fee from donor income is not an appropriate use of donor resources. A percentage fee creates an incentive to pressure donors into giving beyond their capacity or to designate funds toward purposes outside of their true intent. These types of giving scenarios ultimately work to detriment of an organization.
  • How quickly will we see results?

    Capacity building and fundraising require patience, persistence, on-going attention, and follow through. Results can come quickly, after months of work..., or sometimes, not at all. We will promise you high-quality work and careful attention-to-detail.  We will always present your organization in the best possible light and follow though with the services you request beyond the letter of our contract.
  • What are your deliverables?

    The scope of our services and related "deliverables" are defined and negotiated with you prior to the start any work.  When we sign a contract, we agree on what specific products & services are to be delivered.  You will receive a detailed written reports summarizing the results of our work.  Often these reports contain specific recommendations and action items.  Reports are provided in hard copy format or published electronically, depending on your preference. One of the most basis services we offer is an assessment.  This is not an "audit," but rather a full assessment of your current program with recommendations on strategies to optimize your capacity.  The best way to ensure results is to effectively pair your good cause with a solid plan, and to execute the plan to the best of your ability.  It is your responsibility to follow our advice, to implement our strategies, and to use the tools we design for your campaign activities.
  • Do you require a "retainer" payments?

    No, but we do prefer to work with clients on a retainer basis.  This allows us to respond and intensively focus on a client's shifting needs with flexibility.  We are often retained by clients for grant-writing, proposal development; and research services.  Retainer clients receive first priority when unanticipated opportunities requires attention.
  • How can you work with our Board or Staff?

    We conduct training workshops for board members, volunteers, and staff to prepare them for campaign activities.  We are often asked to deliver progress reports and campaign updates to board members at their meetings. Typically, our "point of contact" with an organization is through the Executive Director or the head of a department.  One-on-one executive coaching is also available.
  • What types of organizations do you work with?

    Our clients are predominately non-profit organizations, associations. We also do design, marketing, and creative work for private sector organizations and government agencies as well. Why don't you drop us an e-mail to arrange a free consultation?  We're interested in talking with you!
  • How do you work with clients in remote locations?

    Electronic communication technologies (E-mail, conference calls & video conferencing, shared cloud workspaces, web meetings, etc.) allow us to easily provide research, proposal writing, coaching & many other services to clients anywhere in the U.S, Canada, and South America.While it is possible to work with a client with little face-to-face contact, most organizations find that it is a worthwhile investment to arrange for site visits early in the consultation process. An initial visit of 1-2 days is usually needed to conduct interviews and collect information from volunteer, staff, or key volunteers about your programs.
  • Will you work directly with our funders?

    Our services are intended to build the capacity of our clients.  While we strive to make our services 'transparent", we are sometimes assist clients with directly facilitating contacts with funders. However, we believe that "people give to people", so we try to build and facilitate direct relationships between between funders and our clients that will grow over time.
  • What does your logo symbolize?

    The juniper bonsai tree in our logo is symbolic of our slogan: "Cultivating Organizational Sustainability".  With thoughtful care and nurturing, an organization can thrive and prosper for hundreds of years.


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to create lasting value through our consultative and contractural relationships.

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for our clients and their constituencies to achieve sustainable results through the implementation of our tools and guidance.

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Based in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area, we work with your board, staff, or contituents in workshops, meetings, retreats, and other activities on-site at your location.


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